Immediate Telephone Advice & Guidance for the NHS

When Consultant Connect first started providing rapid Telephone Advice & Guidance (A&G) to the NHS it was just GPs that used the service to speak to specialists. We are now providing access to a wider range of medics and community healthcare providers such as; Paramedics, Nurses, Pharmacists, Nurse Prescribers, Mental Health Clinicians, and Social Workers. Why? Telephone Advice & Guidance from Consultant Connect solves the difficulty of speaking to the right person when timely advice is really needed – especially if a patient’s needs are complex.


  • Used in over 75 NHS areas covering over 27 million patients.
  • Performance 66% of calls avoid hospital visits in Elective Care, 30-40% of calls avoid hospital visits in Urgent Care.
  • Easy to set-up & use with benefits from day one– no hardware or training required. 
  • Reduces referrals & admissions for whole-system efficiencies – patients receive the right care, first time. 
  • Enjoy world-class support – our team handles set-up, communication and on-going engagement with clinicians, specialists and other stakeholders. 

Why do clinicians and patients like it?

Why do commissioners like it? 

Find out how our Mental Health Phone Advice & Guidance service can help support the right mental health referrals at the right time.

  • Easy to set-up & use with benefits from day one – no hardware or training required. 
  • Reduces referrals & admissions for whole-system efficiencies – patients receive the right care first time. Unnecessary, time-consuming, and costly referrals are avoided.
  • Enjoy world-class support – technology is useless if not used. Our team handles set-up, communication and on-going engagement with GPs, specialists and other stakeholders. 

Why is it so helpful for GPs and their patients?

Why is it so helpful for Commissioners?

Staffing Advice & Guidance lines a challenge? Find out about our National Network.

Find out how our Mental Health Phone Advice & Guidance service can help support the right mental health referrals at the right time.

How it works

Everything you need to know – in a few minutes…

Specialists explain how immediate phone advice helps patients
Clinicians explain why immediate phone advice works for them
Phone A&G in action – Elective Care
Phone A&G in action – Urgent Care

Consultant Connect in NHSE handbooks

Did you know Consultant Connect has been included in the NHS England’s Elective Care Transformation Team handbooks for gastro, dermatology and diabetes handbooks? Proof that advice & guidance works!

Phone Advice & Guidance Case Studies

Paramedic case study: WAST

Paramedic case study: WAST

Matt Kenyon, a paramedic in Powys, describes his experience of using Telephone Advice & Guidance on the Consultant Connect App.

GP case study: Answering SCAS calls

GP case study: Answering SCAS calls

Dr Simon Hodes describes how answering Telephone Advice & Guidance calls from 999 ambulance crews and clinical support desk staff saves NHS resources.

Mental Health Case Study

Mental Health Case Study

Dr Anne Connolly, a Principal Pharmacist for Medicines Information, describes how she answers Mental Health Medication Telephone Advice & Guidance calls.

Mental Health Case Study

Mental Health Case Study

Petrina Douglas-Hall, Medicines Information Manager, describes how answering a Telephone Advice & Guidance call from a GP helped with the management of a patient with depression and disturbed sleep.


What our customers say:


Physical Care

“I’ll be honest, from a commissioner perspective it’s (Consultant Connect) saved us money, purely from the fact that we haven’t made that referral.  But more importantly it definitely has improved the relationships between secondary and primary care, we think, you know, there’s much more now a name to somebody as opposed to a specialty.” Anthony Fitzgerald, Director of Strategy & Delivery NHS Doncaster CCG

Physical Care

“I am very pleased we are rolling out Consultant Connect in NHS Wales. This will help to support primary care to determine the right treatment for their patients. Right now it will save crucial time for health care professionals and reduce the amount of hospital visits needed by patients, at a time when our NHS is facing extra pressure. In the long-term the use of this technology is an important part of our plan for the future of health and social care, A Healthier Wales. Making the most of technology is vital to us building a modern health and social care service, in which care is delivered closer to home.” Welsh Government Health Minister, Vaughan Gething.

Mental Health

“Consultant Connect is such a win-win in terms of a GP can now ring Consultant Connect while the patient’s in the consulting room, get that advice and guidance straightaway and start that treatment regime straightaway.  You could knock out maybe three months of unnecessary waiting for that patient and then an unnecessary trip to the hospital as well.”  Irene Grayson, Associate Director Primary Care Commissioning, NHS Greenwich CCG

Physical Care

''The service has built really good relationships between GPs and consultants, improved communication and improved patient care. It’s efficient, simple to use and quick to set up.''

Pam Green, Director of Transformation & Strategy, NHS North East Essex CCG

Urgent Care

“ When I took the third call in two hours I realised that this was the third person who wasn’t coming into hospital. That’s a real result.” Dr Ron Cook, Clinical Care Group Director, Urgent Care, NHS Tayside

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